Board Members

Meet the Consultative Board of Directors

The Muslim Women of the Carolinas represents the beauty and diversity of Muslim women of all ages and of all ethnicities. We welcome all from all walks of life because really YOU are the Muslim Women of the Carolinas. If you are interested in becoming a more active member of our jolly group, join our email list or shoot us an email at .

President – Rose Hamid

Rose Hamid
Rose was born in the USA to a Palestinian father and a Colombian mother, therefore she truly values the importance of diversity and getting to know others who are different from oneself. She also happens to be a flight attendant and who wears hijab as well which is super cool. She has 2 sons and a daughter who she loves dearly.

Treasurer – Maria Asaad

Maria Asaad, is a Mexican American with 5 children ages 16 to 30, with great smiles. She’s been a dental hygienist for 20 years and is still enjoying her work. She’s hoping her work with MWOC will bring a positive view of Muslim women to the community.

Secretary – Isra N.


Isra is an Afghan-American and Charlotte native with an MBA from Queens University. She currently has two jobs: working at a healthcare system as a writer and working for her two demanding toddlers. She is an avid reader and dedicated food enthusiast. She strongly dislikes all types of beetles and enjoys chocolate in all its forms.


Social Media Consultant – Kawthar Suleiman

Kawthar is half Jordanian 1/4 Caucasian and 1/4 African American -what a mix right? She values diversity and loves bringing people together for the sake of God. She is happily married to a great dude and loves internet marketing and website optimization! Yay!

Consultant – Aisheh Ashour

aisheh ashour
Aisheh is a Syrian American who is happily married and enjoys playing soccer on Sundays and baking with her two elder daughters, while keeping her young twin baby girls out of trouble!

Consultant – Hanifa Shaikh


Hanifa is from the UK but of Indian descent, so she’s got the cool accent everyone envies! Mashallah! She has 3 adorable daughters and loves to socialize, shop, and bake. She believes in great things big and small and pure happiness.




Consultant –¬†Kimberly Akbar

kim-akbarKimberly Akbar